Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Time has gone by just too fast since I last blogged. I guess I have been a little lazy too. We were very busy at work at the Park and then time just flew by. I also got a little frustrated as I was having a hard time putting pictures on my blog so I just didn't do anything with it.

August we spent a week in Utah and attended Jenny's wedding. Then the next week we had a wedding here at our home with Kae and Andy. What fun. Tami worked very had to get everything ready and Ken provided wonderful food. It is so fun to spend time with family.

In September we went on a camping trip with our trailer. It was an activity we are now doing at the park called FAMCamp. What a great time we had. There were about 46 of us and everyone had a great time kayaking, visiting and eating great food. We can hadly wait until spring when they are going again. They did another one that we did not go on as we were just getting back from Texas.

We had a great time in Texas but it rained every day. It is always fun to spend time with kids and grandkids.

This week is grandpa's birthday so I am going to take him out to dinner somewhere. It will be a little low key but it is always fun.

Til next time-----

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grandma/mom said...

Couldn't beleive you wrote on your blog. Glad to see your activities. Hope Wayne has a happy birthday! Carolyn