Monday, December 29, 2008


We got a surprise today when we went to make an appointment with the doctor. He had told us he wanted to see us before we left for CA but then the doctor decided to take some time off so he had us come in today. He was very pleased with progress and said Grandpa could travel as soon as he was up to it. It may take a few more days but I look for us to be on the road at least by next Monday if not before. We are anxious for warmer weather and no snow. I think I have had my fill for some time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home Again

It has been a rough 8 days but dad is home from the hospital today. It is a great Christmas present to have him home. He is doing very well but it is a rough surgery. Every day he gets a little stronger. I think he was very relieved to get home as he said you get no rest in the hospital. Every few minutes they want to do something to you. We will stay in Utah until after New Years and then see how he feels about the drive home. We have to see the surgeon before we leave for home and hopefully by then he will be off the oxygen. Anyway, it will be a Merry Christmas to have him home.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trip to Salt Lake

We got up early Sunday and headed for Salt Lake. We went through some beautiful country. The drive through Moab is always spectacular with its unique scenery. We got to Salt Lake in the early evening and we were all tired. We spent Monday just doing laundry and hanging out. On Tuesday I went stitching with Becky and worked on my rooster. He is coming along pretty good. On Wednesday we Wayne went to the doctor where he got some not so good news. They did a biopsy on Thursday to see what was causing the spot on his x-rays. We decided to head home on Friday so we could take care of some things here. When we got to Cedar City we got a call from Dr. Pearl that they did have the results and Wayne would have to have surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Pearl felt that Dr. Collins should do the surgery as he was the one who did the first surgery and knew the issues. We are waiting for a confirmation from Dr. Collins but it looks like surgery will be on Dec. 15th. It was a sad ending to such a fun trip but hopefully all will go well and we will have another good 8 years. We are not sure whether we will fly or drive back to Salt Lake but we will keep everyone posted

More Fun

On Saturday Kae and Andy decided they had better head home as he wanted to spend some time with his girls. We were sad to see them leave but so glad they came. He is such a nice person and fun to be around. I don't think we scared him too bad but then he hasn't met everyone. Those that were left went to the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center and it was so interesting. They had a Zuni Indian who gave some information about his tribe and did their a couple of their dances. After the museum we all went for Mexican Food and it was really good. It was really a fun time and we are so appreciative of Doug and Terri putting up with all of us.

Just Fun

Dave was in charge of entertainment for the weekend and he did a grand job. We left early Friday morning to visit the Acoma Pueblo which is also know as Sky City. It is a Pueblo built upon a mesa south of Gallup. You have to take a tourist bus to the top and they have a guided tour. It was truly incredible, in spite of the the cold. The wind was blowing and it was really cold. They live up there still with no electricity and no runnning water. They have beautiful pottery for sale and we each bought an ornament for our Christmas tree.


Dave and Lori and Tyler and Ashlee and Jenny and Elle arrived by car on Thanksgiving morning. Wayne picked up Tyson and Christina at the airport so we had 16 people for a very fun day and great Thanksgiving dinner. Doug worked his magic in the kitchen with Kathryn making pies, Terri making salad, and me making cheesy potatoes. It was a feast fit for a king.

Home Again

Now that I have organized chaos and caught up on a few things after being gone for two weeks I will update my blog. What a wild two weeks. We left early in the morning on November 24th. We drove to Apache Junction, which is East of Phoenix, to visit our missionary friends. We had a great time visiting them. They took us to Organstop Pizza which was great fun. They have this huge organ which comes up out of the floor and the musician plays requested songs. We could stayed until they closed listening to the music. We left the next morning and traveled to Albuquerque. The Arizona desert is so beautiful with all its large cactus. When you get to NM it is very different. We arrived early in the afternoon just as Doug was bicycling in from work. Kae and Andy arrived shortly after.