Monday, October 17, 2011


On October 6, 2011, as soon as we got off work we started out on our road trip. The weather was nice and traffic was not too bad. We drove to Kingman, Arizona that day. We got up early and headed to Albuquerque. The weather was great until we got to Gallup and then we ran into some light rain which turned to heavy rain by the time we got to Albuquerque. We got there about three in the afternoon and Kathryn was there to let us in. When Terri got home we were going to go to Los Pintos but it was too crowded. The balloon fiesta was going on and I think everyone thought that was a great place to go. We then went to Café Benevidez and it was okay but not as good as Los Pintos. We planned to go to the balloon fiesta but it was still raining a little. They started the fiesta a little late and the way the wind was blowing a lot of the balloons went close to Terri’s. One actually went over her house. It is really fascinating to see them. Then we went shopping and Wayne took off to go to a few places he wanted to go.
We went to the grocery store and Terri and Kathryn cooked dinner. On Sunday we watched the balloon fiesta on TV. Then they decided we need a little atmosphere and we went to the Frontier for breakfast. That was an experience and I was not too sure about it. I have to admit the food was pretty good. We had breakfast burritos.
On Monday we headed to Kae’s. The drive was so beautiful as they had rain and snow and the mountains were covered with snow on the peaks. We drove up through Alamosa and then on to Leadville. There we got on I70 and headed to Carbondale. Kae and Andy were waiting for us. They live right along the Roaring Fork River and it is so nice. We had a great visit with them and then on Tuesday we met Andy’s brother Lee and we all went to lunch. We had a really nice visit with them. It started to rain and spit snow so we decided to head for Denver that afternoon.
We went on to Colorado Springs and stayed at the Embassy Suites. It was really nice and we had a really relaxing evening. We were going to meet my friend from High School, Norine Frandsen. We are really good friends even though we only see each other every few years. We hade a wonderful visit with here and I look forward to visiting with her again. Then we headed to Denver. We took a side trip out to the homeplace where Wayne grew up. It is right across the creek from where his grandparents lived. We stopped there and Wayne got to visit with his cousin Jerry Raines. We also took a picture of the foundation of the one room schoolhouse where he went to school. It brought back a lot of memories and we did a lot of reminiscing.
After we left there we went to Fort Collins. We went by the dairy farm we had. It still has the dairy barn but some of the other buildings are gone. I don’t miss milking cows but we have a lot of special memories of living there. Fort Collins has really grown since we lived there and we were really amazed. We stayed in Fort Collins that evening as we were going to meet his brother Harold the next day.
We met Harold and Sharon the next day and we had a really nice visit with them. He is recovering from brain surgery. He had a blood clot on his brain and they had to stop the bleeding. We went to Panera Bread for lunch with them. It was so nice to visit with them as it has been many years since we have seen them. We need to do it more often.
On the drive to Cheyenne we went by the ranch in Nunn. It brought back a lot of memories and we did more reminiscing. I think that was one of the fun things of this trip. We have had great weather for our travel.
From there we drove to Cheyenne we had some extra time before meeting our granddaughter so I called my friend Debbie Gillette, who works for the Wyoming medical board. We met when I was working for CompHealth in Salt Lake. We have been friends ever since. We had a great visit. Then we went to meet Brian and Michelle and their kids. The kids are so cute. They are very busy but that is normal. We took them to dinner and it was fun. It is too bad we don’t get to see them more often. After dinner we headed to Laramie to spend the night.
On Friday morning we met Wayne’s brother and his wife. Milton and Rhonda met us for breakfast in Laramie. We had a great visit with them. They both look great and it was fun to catch up on what they have been doing. After we left them we headed to Salt Lake.
We got to Becky’s about dinner time. We went to dinner with Becky and Dan, Derek and Jeana and us. We went to Café Rio which is one of my favorite places to eat. We stayed with them that night. After dinner Ashley and Tyler came over for a quick visit and Tyler picked up my laptop to see if he could fix it.
Saturday morning Becky and I ran some errands to our favorite places. Then she dropped me at Dave and Lori’s. I visited with them and they Wayne and I went to Becky’s and picked up our stuff and headed to Provo. When we got to my sister, Carolyn’s house we got there in time to watch the BYU game. Carolyn’s kids, Kirk, Corey and Craig were there ad well as Jessica and Jordan. That was great fun. Then we all went to Brick Oven where Dave and Lori also met us. We then went back to Carolyn’s and Kirk and Marilyn and their girls came over.
This has been such a fun trip and we hated to see it get over. We stayed at Carolyn’s that night and then Sunday morning we sent to visit Jessica and Jordan before we headed towards home.
We drove to Las Vegas that night. We thought about driving all the way home but we were getting tired. We arrived home on Monday about noon after driving 3022 miles.
This was one of those trips you want to take but never get around too. It was a lot of driving but I would do it again. It truly was a memorable trip,.