Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Bump on the head

Sometimes life give you a good bump on the head to make you stop and think how important life is and your values and what's important to you. After a bad fall at work yesterday it made me think of what is most important to me. My dear husband, all my family, my talents, my friends, and most importantly the gospel. It is a good thing I am pretty tough or it could have been worse. The gospel was reinforced to me today when we went to sacrament meeting and it was the primary program. The children always make me smile. They are so cute and innocent. I loved every moment of it even if it was very long because we have such a large primary. I love the gospel and the joy it brings into my life.

I am doing fine today with just a little headache, stiff neck and sore shoulder which is from trying to break the fall. I am just grateful that my head didn't go through the glass on the door. We no longer have the floor mat that I tripped over.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Price is Right

For a long time we have said we wanted to go to a taping of the Price is Right. We got tickets online and on Tuesday we ventured out very early to be at the studio by 8 AM. After going around the block several times we finally figured out where to park. Then we had to walk a couple of blocks to the studio. We got our number and they sat us in numerical order on some metal benches. We sat there a very long time but got to know the four girls who were sitting next to us. They were from Salt Lake and are working as traveling nurses in LA. They were really cute girls. After sitting forever they come by and give you your name tag and then they come through and take your picture. This is so they can locate you in the audience. Then they interview in groups and send you to security. Finally about 1:00 PM they let you in the studio. It is really loud and noisy but a fun atmosphere. Then the taping begins. It was a lot of fun but I am not sure I would want to do it again. But it was on our bucket list. Cross that one off. Of course we were not called up and I am glad of that. We were very proud of ourselves for venturing downtown by ourselves and getting home safely.