Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and I want to let my sweet husband know how much I love and appreciate the example he has been to our son's. Also to let my son's and son-in-laws know how much I love and appreciate them and the example they are to their sons and daughters. They have a great example of kindness and love to follow. I am sure their son's and daughters will follow the examples that have been set before them. They are all very special to us.

I am grateful for the example of my own father. Even though he has been gone for many years I always think of him and his example on Father's Day. He could be gruff at times but we always knew he loved us. He honored his Priesthood at all times. He always saw that his mother was taken care of after his father passed away. He was truly an example of courage in the last few years of his life. I was always a little sad that he didn't get to know all his grandchildren before he passed away. He delighted in his grandchildren.

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grandma/mom said...

Our dad was a great father and the older I get the more I understand and love him. Thanks for the tribute and you do have great sons and sons-in law. I love your family and they are always so good to us. Love ya carolyn